Pretty Pallets host pallet painting parties by working in tandem with local wineries, breweries and restaurants as well as hosting in-home or private events.

Our signs are sanded, assembled and stained in-house prior to your party. Join us for a public party at your favorite venue or choose to host a private function. We are fully mobile and provide setup and cleanup. We bring everything you’ll need to make a unique piece of art and have a fun, creative, artistic experience!

How it Works

Note: Parties are held at various locations around Washington state.

  1. Pick
    Pick your party date based on our calendar

    Pick your stencil design from our gallery OR choose to have one custom made - select "custom" and then email us your idea.

    Note: Cutoff to select your stencil and pay is 2 days prior to the party date

  2. Pay
    We accept any major credit/debit card.

    Private Parties: Pick which friends you’d like to join you and invite them using your unique party link or enter their name and emails in the form and we’ll send them an invitation to your party.

  3. Paint & Party
    Paint your heart out at your party. We’ll have your pallet available for you along with your pre-cut stencil, an apron, paint, and instructions to guide you through painting your pallet.

~Standard Stencil Gallery~


Pallet - a wooden platform used to store and move items

Palate - a person's appreciation of taste and flavor

Palette - a thin board or slab on which an artist lays and mixes paint

We reclaim wood from pallets, then assemble and stain the pallet sign. You choose a stencil design from our gallery. We cut it with our awesome tools and prep it for your party.

The day of your party you’ll be guided through placing your stencil carefully on your sign and instructed on the best technique for painting. Everything’s provided!

Private parties can be booked in and around the Seattle, WA and Portland, OR areas. You provide the location and we will bring everything you need to host your party! See the 'Do you travel?' FAQ for more details. We also host public parties at local breweries, wineries and craft rooms. Check out the Party Calendar for your region (Portland or Seattle).

If your event is private and located in a friend/family member's home, please by all means! If the event you are scheduled to attend is a Public Party at a location that offers food/beverages, we ask that you kindly refrain from bringing in outside food/drinks. We partner with these awesome vendors to give our guests an opportunity to try some great new food while supporting local small businesses. Pretty Pallets also discounts all of our public parties to encourage (but not require) you to spend your extra $10 with our partner on food and drinks.

We are fully mobile, however our consultants do have ‘Preferred Areas’ they work in. Our consultants have full time jobs and other daily commitments, so a preferred area ensures a smooth transition and allows time for the consultants to get to where they need to be in a timely manner. Don’t see an area that you want? Shoot us an email at and we’ll be happy to discuss your party logistics.

Standard stencils cost $45 and custom templates are $65 (Pallet sizes are roughly 16x14)
*Private parties have a $50 refundable deposit required. The deposit will be refunded to the party host upon completion of a party with 5+ attendees.

No! That’s the fun of it all! Everyone has the opportunity of selecting their own design regardless of if it’s a Private or Public Party!

Absolutely! If you’re interested in creating a custom stencil, please send us your idea at least 1 week before your scheduled party. We will custom create a template and have you review to approve or make 1 round of suggestions. Once the template has been approved, we’ll cut your designed stencil and have it ready for your party.

Absolutely! Just email us with your request.

If your event is more than 2 days away, please email us ASAP and we will do our best to accommodate you. If your event is 2 days away or less, we have already prepped your specifically requested stencil and made your pallet. Unfortunately in these situations, we're unable to offer refunds, BUT we understand life happens and we'd be happy to move you into another upcoming party.

Minimum party size is 5, 10-16 people is standard. We can accommodate larger parties but please email us prior to booking your party to ensure we’re able to accommodate.

It’s possible you may get some paint on your hands. We will provide aprons, but paint may transfer to your clothes. We suggest wearing something you don’t mind getting paint on.

Anywhere from 1 ½ -2 hours. Your pallet will be dry and ready for you to take home without risk of transferring paint to your car’s interior.

Absolutely! Host a private party with 10 other attendees and you’ll receive 1 free ~16x14 pallet with a standard stencil.

Absolutely! We love partnering with local businesses! Head over to this form for more information and to have someone from Pretty Pallets reach out and discuss partnership opportunities.

Partnering and Consulting

  • Are you a restaurant, brewery, winery, or other business that would like to partner with Pretty Pallets and host pallet parties at your location to increase revenue?

  • Are you a highly motivated individual who likes to get crafty and think outside the box?

About Us

~Meet the Team~

  • Ruthann
    Party Consultant

    "I am a blessed woman who loves taking care of my family, crafting, baking/cooking, playing in the mud and drinking wine with my girlfriends!" - Ruthann

  • Steph
    Party Consultant

    "I’m a nature lover & adventure seeker trapped in a soccer mama’s body! My family moved from Alaska 3 years ago and absolutely LOVE everything the PNW has to offer. I have two amazing kids, two dogs of German descent, and one perfect husband. My spirit animal is the fierce artist Frida Kahlo. She is an inspiration!" - Steph

  • Maria
    Party Consultant

    "I'm a stay at home mom to 3 little ones. I LOVE to craft! I am fairly new to the PNW, we moved here from South Carolina." - Maria

  • Jessica
    Party Consultant

    "I'm an adventure seeking, wine loving Pacific Northwest girl who likes to be crafty! I love my full time job and all of my hobbies - 'Work Hard, Play Hard' is my motto. When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time outdoors hiking and Jeeping or indoors doing a wide range of crafting!" - Jessica

  • Gabby
    Party Consultant

    “I work that 9 to 5 but my passion really is spending time with friends and family and getting my craft on! I grew up here in West Valley and am so excited to take part in bringing Pretty Pallets to The Palm Springs of Washington. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!" - Gabby

  • Dawnie
    Pallet Consultant

    "My passions are volunteering in the community and exploring new places! I grew up in West Valley always thinking as soon as I was old enough I would leave but as an adult I have come to love our community and everything it has to offer! I'm so excited I get to help introduce Pretty Pallets to our growing valley." - Dawnie

  • Aidan
    Pallet Artisan

    "My name is Aidan McGinty. I am a Junior at Union High and I like to play soccer." - Aidan

  • Iris
    Party Consultant Assistant

    Iris is a Senior in High School and loves Art & Horticulture. She is very involved with drama and enjoys the behind the scene logistics of planning her school plays. Iris can usually be found lending a helping hand at our Pallet Parties with a smile and a calm demeanor.

  • Hilen
    Customer Service Rockstar

    "This is my little family. I love cows, chickens, goats and would love to have a farm someday!" - Hilen

  • Tessa
    Director of Operations, Lead Designer

    Tessa recently returned to the PNW with her husband. She loves designing, movies, and spending time outdoors.

  • Jesse
    Owner and CEO

    "Sushi obsessed, wine loving, chocolate hoarder, concert frequenter, and Instant Pot fan. Moved to the PNW in 2016 with my husband and our tiny zoo (Yorkie and 2 cats) and since added a new golden retriever to our farm. I love the sunshine, being outdoors, camping, kayaking, crafting, and hanging out with my family." - Jesse

  • Curtis
    Web Developer and IT

    These days, who can run a successful business without a nerd or two? Jesse's husband, Curtis, takes care of the tech that keeps humming. Feel free to send bugs and/or suggestions for improvement his way!

~Meet the Founders~

Pretty Pallets was started by 3 sisters, strewn up and down the West Coast, who dreamed of working together and sharing their love for unique DIY projects.

  • Jesse

    Lives in La Center with her husband (Curtis), 2 cats, Yorkie (Zoey) and Golden (Hannah). Jesse loves wine, food, live music, and getting crafty!

  • Stephanie

    Lives in Mill Creek Washington with her family. Her 4 year old daughter inspires her artistic, creative side. She loves hiking, dreaming about hiking Mount Rainier, traveling, music, and sushi.

  • Amanda

    Lives in Mukilteo Washington with her family who are the light of her life. She loves to read, drink coffee, and have intense Nerf wars with her kids.

You chose a Custom Stencil!

After checkout, you’ll receive an email with instructions on sending your design idea over to us. Get ready to send us a photo, a pin from Pinterest, a screenshot, an email describing what you want or even a sketch.

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Why don’t I see all the stencil designs?

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I really wanted a different stencil that’s not listed, is it still possible?

Unfortunately not for this party. In order to access our full stencil gallery, pre-register for a party 5 or more days away.

Questions or concerns?

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No Party Seats Available!

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